Established in 1990 by Mr. Andrea Emilio Falcetta, the Firm offers its clients a complete legal service in Civil Law, Criminal Law and Fiscal Law, relying on a network of lawyers in Italy and abroad.

The “Dominus”

Mr. Andrea Emilio Falcetta - Supreme Court Defence Lawyer

Born in Rome in 1963, Mr. Falcetta is a lawyer since 1990. He collaborates with the Science of Investigation Department at L’Aquila University, attended by the Police, Carabinieri and Italian Intelligence Services.
Furthermore, Mr. Falcetta has been the legal adviser of several Radical Party’s Congressmen and has written article 30 bis of civil procedure code, that in 1998 has introduced in civil proceedings the principle according to which claims against Judges must be decided by a Law Court of a different district from the one to which said Judges belong to. Mr. Falcetta, amongst other things, has worked on the cases of Marta Russo’s murder, 1980’s Ustica air-crash and on many cases concerning the trafficking of Italian children. He has published a legal thriller called “The last subparagraph - the children’s traffickers” (free to download from the website Mr. Falcetta coordinates with the maximum efficiency an excellent pool of young and dynamic lawyers with a consolidated experience in civil law, banking law, attachment of chattels, debt collection, labour disputes, contract law, copyright, family law, property rights, fiscal law, criminal law, with particular reference to crime scene investigations and finding evidence for the defence. Mr. Falcetta has a consolidated experience before Italy’s Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) and before the European Court of Human Rights.


“A Lawyer has the right to defend his freedom against any authority, because the Lawyer is the never-ending sign for a free man’s defence”

Alfredo de Marsico
(a well known Italian lawyer of the last century)


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