Mrs. Claudia Bucciarelli

Born in Rome in 1979, Ms. Bucciarelli deals with the examination
of the incoming cases

Dott.ssa Lisa Gentili

Born in Rome in 1982, deals mainly of family law, for human values that are linked to the same, and has particular interest and expertise in the protection of minors, which are known as the weaker party in the marital conflict

Mrs. Katy Popolla

English mother-tongue lawyer, has a consolidated experience in civil law, both judicial and extra-judicial, with particular attention to contract law, family law and juvenile law, collection of debt.

Mrs. Claudia Piermattei

Born in Rome in 1976 Mrs. Claudia Piermattei attends to the most important fiscal questions.

Mr. Carlo Piermattei - The Detective

Born in Rome in 1951, he is the private detective of LD & Partners, specialised in crime scene investigations. Mr. Piermattei, graduated at the Science of Investigation Department at L’Aquila University, with the following thesis: “The case of Marta Russo’s murder : an anatomy of a criminal investigation” (downloadable in Download section), whose supervisors were Mr. Falcetta and Mr. Ferdinando Imposimato. With said thesis Mr. Piermattei suggested that Marta Russo’s murder in Rome in 1997 was carried out in order to deter the Judge, Ferdinando Imposimato, from examining once again Mehmet Alì Agca, and therefore stopping the investigations about the attempt on the life of the Pope John Paul II in 1981.



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